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Meet Darleen Claire

Darlene-headshot-NinaParkerStudios--FullRESDarleen Claire Wodzenski is a clinical mental health counselor and parent trainer. With a deep appreciation for the human process of healing, growth, and transformation, her personal and academic explorations have led to a focused and effective approach to personal growth and transformation as well as evidence-based approaches for child rearing, parenting, marriage, relationships, and overcoming limitations of learning challenges. Darleen Claire supports the broad development of children and adolescents, and is passionate about working with families and children who are dealing with Attachment Disorder (i.e. RAD or DSED).


Some areas of specialization include:

  • Brain-Based Intervention for social, emotional, and academic challenges
  • Psychoeducational Strategies to promote life effectiveness and satisfaction
  • Integrated psychoeducational child & family services for Attachment Disorder/RAD/DSED












Darleen Claire is a National Speaker and Presenter, presenting for the Council for Exceptional Children on such topics as:

  • Brain-Based Metacognition to Promote Reading Across the Common Core
  • Behavior Contracting & Scaffolding in Vygotsky’s ZPD for Behavior & Academic Success of EBD
  • Music to Promote Emotional Development During Early Childhood

Switched On Learning







She provides approved Georgia Bright From the Start continuing education training for early childhood educators on such topics as:

  • Brain-Based Instruction
  • Switched ON Learning
  • Multiple Intelligence & Multi-Sensory Instruction
  • Overcoming Negative Effects of Poverty in the Classroom
  • Why Inclusion Teaching for Children with Special/Exceptional Needs

How the Brain Learns







A Credentialed Parent Educator, she holds the QPPE or Qualified Professional Parent Educator designation with NPEN, a multi-state coalition promoting excellence in parent training and education.


Holding a Masters degree in Exceptional Student Education at Nova Southeast University Darleen Claire pursued a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the CACREP accredited Adams State University, and also holds credentials as a Non-Denomination Ministerial Counselor and practices Kinesiology and Addictions Counseling.


Darleen Claire Wodzenski of

Darleen Claire Wodzenski is affiliated with:

The Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

PsychoNeuroEducational Institute, LLC